Fighting The Terminator at a park with a LightSaber (Old Dream) (2016.06.25)

Date: 2/19/2017

By richilye

If there was a start, I forgot, I was at some park with a girl, that appeared in my last dream, a day before this one. We were looking at some of the attractions that the park had, I think we went to that... Big Ferris Wheel (I forgot it's name)... Then, we stopped in front of a building, probably a Horror's house, or a normal building, I think it was a Horror's house. In front of it was standing a guy with a black coat/jacket that looked like the Terminator, despite his hair, it wasn't all spike Like Arnold's. He was either the Girl's Brother, or the park is security guard, it was mostly probably that he was her brother. We talked about something, then I kind of had to prove something to him...(?) We went inside, and I picked Up a green lightsaber, nearly chopped my thumb off when I activated it, we started fighting, then we went inside a room, it was all metallic grey/white with some 2 columns with 3 metal tables in each, looked kinda like a where you would have a science class. No matter how hard I hit him with the sword, almost no damage was made, it didn't even cut through, then he was running in the middle of the tables and he turned invisible, I ran around trying to predict where he was going next, 'till his invisibility run off, then I stabbed him in the back with the LightSaber, didn't do too much damage, in fact, It looked like as if I was stabbing someone with a plastic sword instead, but it did cut his clothes. Scene change... We were in my room, me and he sorta of became friends, the girl was sitting in my bed and he was sitting on top of my drawers, then I said "Don't sit on the damn furniture" and activated my lightsaber... nearly chopping my thumb off again, I knew it wasn't gonna chop it off, but I didn't wanna risk, then I said "shit, almost did it again", then he just laugh a bit, a normal laugh, not with any intentions behind... END. P.S: When the dream was reaching the end, shortly after he laugh, he disappeared, the girl was the only one there, that didn't disappear.