Odins adivice

Date: 7/5/2017

By tenxa64

having time to prepare i made a staff from a branch of my center tree in my astral. i made a safe place deep in the cliffs for my companions to hide and be safe. i was thrown into a vision of the frist wave. hundreds if not thousands of spirirs swarmed against my wards breaking them in seconds. the attackers poured into my astral and even with all my power i could not fend them off and fell. i awoke in a light house by the sea. as i wandered around the rooms that were twisted versions of houses ive lived in i encountered odin. he told me that sometimes, its better to retreat and regroup then to fight. he told me the spirits they will send can not enter the physical plane they can only harm me through my astral. if i were to create homes for my companions in the physical and temporarily destroy my astral i could avoid the attack. i would have to build a new astral afterwords. then i awoke.