Chased by Jason Voorhees

Date: 2/16/2017


At first my sleep was rather blank as I tried sleeping with binaural beats humming in my ears. Then maybe after a few hours or so, the setting became night. It was in our town, our street to be exact, which was a mix of a rural area, suburb, and hillsides. I realized I was running. I was frantic and fortunately I was athletic in my dream contrary to my real self. I was endlessly sprinting, the short road I knew was long and going up and down. I knew who was chasing me: the infamous Jason Voorhees. I haven't even watched horror movies for almost two months now yet I dreamed of him. Maybe because I have a friend whose name is Jason but I dunno. Anyway, my dream self was desperately trying to mask her scent...since dream Jason can track scent excellently. While I hid and sprinted alternately, I watched two of my real-life college friends get killed by Jason. I was stopping myself to bawl out loud since I knew if he'd find me it will be my end. I also opted not to go straight to my home since my grandma and my family were there. My dream self didn't want to risk their lives. So I still ran away from him, this time it's alarming me badly because he was really, REALLY close. I tripped, he raised his blade, and when his ax hit my body, I woke up.