ancient + modern city by the ocean

Date: 8/8/2017

By asbailao

i was travelling with my mom and her mom around the coast of brazil. we were travelling in boats for turists, but the place was not brazil. we landed on an ancient port, made of stones, marble temples with stone columns, like a Greek place from an ancient forgotten civilization -like those temples and castles in Crete from the Mynoans. but the place was super tropical, like some mountains covered in dense rainforest, dropping towards a green sea, there was mist covering the place, and it felt humid but not hot. it reminded me of Paraty on the coast of Rio, and I remember someone saying it was the oldest place in Brazil, like the place where everthing started - but it was more like going to an Elvish place, like Rivendell-by-the-Sea sort of. we were walking around the monuments as the boat sailed away, and went into the other side of the penninsula, where there was a waterfront of a modern city by the sea, like Rio or Montevideo, a 70s vibe. very calm, the drizzle began to fall, and we were strolling in the sidewalk feeling the seabreeze and the drizzle. very magical.