Sleepover at Caity’s

Date: 7/14/2019

By briannagio

It was Sunday morning, and I was supposed to go to church, but for some reason, I went to Caity’s house for a sleepover. I tried backing up into her driveway, but I didn’t know when to stop and I hit the car behind me. I got out of the car and Caity came out. I asked her whose car it was and she said “it depends, why?” I told her I had just backed up into it and she didn’t seem concerned at all. Sophie Goldstein came outside and they told me to come inside. I realized what time it was and I knew I had to leave for church soon, but I wasn’t anywhere near being ready. I told them I would come inside for a minute to say hi, and that I would come back later. I went inside and there were a bunch of girls there. The red-head Filipino girl from my developmental psych class was there and she told me that I look really tan. I said “thank you!! That is literally the best compliment ever. I love when people tell me that,” and everyone laughed at my excitement. Then I turned and saw Claire Haffke [who used to be friends with my sister]. I looked around the house for a minute and said to Caity, “I have to go, but I’m taking in the view since I’ll probably never be here again,” [which is really funny because Caity never lets people in her house in real life]. On my way out, I asked Caity again about the car and she told one of her friends. I was really nervous about how she would react. (I woke up before she even got the chance to say anything)