Creepy dude, pregnant BFF

Date: 6/7/2017

By Maffiwip

I can't remember all of it. I'm living with someone. I think I'm on a trip with some people so it's temporary. The guy comes into my room all the time without knocking. Gives me the creeps. I was changing and he barged into my room and flipped face down onto my bed. We argued about the fact that he pays for the room so he can use it, and I said you can't just come in without knocking I'm getting dressed! At some point my brother / boyfriend goes missing. I'm not sure which one he was haha. They think they find his body (or atleast a device he used that looks like a big ring) but we know he was one of the few people who used a sword. (Starting to feel like an anime lol) I go for a walk with Kieran. He insists on carrying my things for me, as K usually does. We pass the house and I try not to let the guys see me, but he does and follows. At one point Kieran and I were naked, non-sexual. And Molly was pregnant. I think she was a surrogate or she was giving it for adoption, but I had a feeling she would want to keep them.