Anyone else experience this?

Date: 8/25/2019

By BooBooJrfangirl

I’ve had this reoccurring dream for years The basic set up is: someone is in danger, I find a phone and try to call the police, for what ever reason I’m not able to contact the police or get help. Is this a common dream? The base of the dream is always the same but it varies drastically between dreams. For example last night I dreamed I witnessed a lady on the side of the road being attacked by an alligator. It was a frightening scene and I wanted to help her. So I found a phone and called the police. But I had a lot of troubles getting the phone to work, must have taken like 20 minutes (or at least it felt like that to dream me). Then when I get in contact with the authorities I’m unable to explain where I’m at. I know where I’m at, it’s somewhere very close to my house I drive by it everyday. But for whatever reason I’m unable to explain the road or what it’s next to. The cops have no clue how to find me. I have very similar dreams to this but the emergency situation is always different. To be clear it’s always someone else who is in danger, never me. Just kinda wondering if this was just me or if others experienced something similar. One time when I was young I had to call the police to help my mom after she fell. Could this be connected to that?