The Umbrella Academy Meets Terminator?

Date: 9/28/2019

By roseshavewilted05

So. Yet again, I have had another incredibly vivid lucid dream regarding Number Five from The Umbrella Academy. — Speaking about Mr. Five.- I literally JUST woke up from a VERY interesting ending to my repeating dream? Okay, so.- I’m assuming that I /was/ Five??? I don’t even know that IF in this situation he would even comply BUT, somehow. He was searched by a dann police officer? Course, having a pistol he was ordered to the ground as the weapon was taken. Attempting to say an actual permit for it existed damn well knowing he looks 13. lmao dumbass saying it was in his /other/ uniform jacket. It kinda skipped a little. He was in I’m assuming a run down police station. Or, very high tech, high class headquarters of sorts. And?- Something had been tracking him and eventually found him. It was some kind of goddamn literal terminator. I swear to god. Course he’s pretty terrified never coming against anything like that before. So, he ATTEMPTS to hide. It finds him and the moment he gets up and bolts out of that room the people in it immediately say that he had something to hide apparently someone else was coming??? And , he decided he was screwed and ran? Dunno. Someone else even said he was probably on drugs. To which he responded with “I am NOT on heroin!” He is eventually cornered by it. And, DOES destroy it by literally snapping its neck and twisting its entire body like an accordion. He leaves it.- Some more time skips. Guess he’s now sitting somewhere probably having a coffee. Suddenly, there’s this bellowing goddamn piercing machine sounding scream. Course, Five immediately bolts up to see this big ass thing with a blue glowing center most likely a power core, barreling toward that room. Civilians in there start screaming. I don’t even know what the hell is wrong with him but he kinda does too. Entirely new threat actually scaring him I guess! He’s bolted again. Not after that thing busts down the wall and slashes at his abdomen that is now bleeding but not fatal hardly even deep.- Apparently mid way into the chase he’s like “ Wait why the hell am I not blinking?!“ lmao so he actually starts doing that. He ends up in this mirrored room? It’s small and it seemed very far away from that thing that anywhere he did blink seemed to already be busting down the wall to. He could hear it, but knew it couldn’t find him? After glancing down and seeing quite a bit more crimson on that white shirt of, his panting out of pure exhaustion it just ends. I don’t know why it was white. They most likely had him change clothes there. Wherever the actual fuck he was being held. And, what were those literal terminators all about? No fucking idea. But, Five is strong as HELL apparently. Destroying one with his bare hands.