ODD JOBS: Donut Glaze Brush Tip, Doll Sorter.

Date: 2/26/2017

By Fitful

I was living in a town from my childhood, in a corner of my grandparents bedroom. I literally had my bed in their room like a child has a crib. I didn't think anything strange about it, I just went about my normal life. I even had a job. But then the mattress and duvet got destroyed irreparably. Fire I think or at least they fell to ashes like after a fire. They had to be thrown away so it was just a bed and boxsprings. My grandparents didn't have enough money for a mattress and duvet. Nor did I. So I had to sleep on my grandparents bed. At first I slept in grandma's spot but realized that wouldn't work once they went to bed, then I slept at the end like a pet would. But it made me very uncomfortable. I knew I kicked at night and was afraid I would kick them and hurt their brittle bones. I also felt my pillows and blankets falling off the ends of the bed, or rather the sides I realized this bed was just too small. I needed my own bed back. I went to work in town determined to buy a mattress and duvet with my savings. They weren't enough but I was determined. Work was an office building and it was cast in dark shady colors, like a comic book about crime investigation. I usually worked but it felt different today, like it was my first experience working there. I went upstairs, in a massive elevator trip upwards. It was a lottery slot type machine. Only you rolled which floor you would work on. Once I had gone up I got out and faced a large spinning wheel directly in front of me, like a slot machine the size of a mountain. I only saw the open face to wherever I would work, like the window open to the words on the side of a large spinning wheel I couldn't see. It sounded like a slow grumble when it turned and it was pastel colors, shiny metal and pastel colors. I spun a hospital job, working with babies. I spun other similar jobs too. I also found a mattress to win, in a giant prize machine. It was a nice looking mattress, valued at 8k and I decided I could win that. I played the game, which was a job, where we cleaned up and glazed donuts. The donuts were the street and ground and lake and surrounding area in front of the White House or some other official building near there with a lawn like that. But instead of us doing it with maybe bucket and brushes we were put in harnesses and tied to machine with was like an amusement park ride. It whipped us through some donut glaze and then smeared us on the ground, like we were the tip of brushes on the end of a stick on an automatic machine. I found my coworkers didn't like this job either. I took a break and went to use the public restroom in the building. It was beyond hopeless. Like the restroom of the dammed. I checked every stall for the cleanest. The whole restroom was rusted like it had been sitting underwater. Filthy, urine, shit, floor left unscrubed since an age. Paint only a memory. It was really bad. I had a clipboard and a piece of paper with me. I stick the clipboard in a safe spot and attached the paper to tell clip board, so both hand would be free to use the toilet. It wasn't going to happen tho. It was just too disgusting. I went to the basement to finagle a cushy work assignment. I flirted with an old friend, she was happy to see me but reluctant to give me the job I requested. She said this work order bypass hadn't been done since the company began, by me actually. I had been an exception last time there too. She didn't know if the bosses would honor it. I said good, then it belonged to me and took the work order and left. I really needed that mattress. I don't think anything would stop me. I took a job again which worked to with people in boxes. Like slaves or dolls. They were kept in boxes and I felt morally uncertain that was supposed to be the way. But as I was new to the job I didn't let myself judge it yet. I sorted them in and out of the boxes.