cannibalism and church

Date: 8/18/2017

By underworldsqueen

I was creating a story with a friend about this class where people got divided in two groups: one lived in a church and the other in the house in front of it. the ones in the church would have been attacked by cannibals and the others would have find out when the screaming and the pieces of bodies would have come from the window. the dream change and both groups are in the church. I'm in my room and I see cannibals going in the church. I'm asleep and I'm ready to hear them die. I finally hear the screams and when I open my eyes an arm fell on my bed and I see a girl in the room, long black hair and a white dress, I'm terrified of her but I feel like it's ok that she's here. I try to get up and scream for help put I'm chocking so I push the ring next to my bed and I wake up.