Soccer Tryouts

Date: 6/24/2017

By beanofthejill

I had a dream I was at soccer tryouts again, however, this time I was in a indoor field I've never been to. I went with my dad, knowing it was the second day of tryouts and I had already made a team. My dad said I was apparently supposed to come in wearing yellow, so I thought of a penny at first, then I decided to change into my (insert High School name here) soccer jersey. While I was searching through my bag, Ava's mom came up to me and said, "I made this sweater the stands for (insert my name here)". My dad laughed and liked it. While I sighed, because it was President Trump thing they had in common. (Both my dad and Ava's Mom like Trump, I don't care, but they like sharing things like stickers and videos with eachother about him and his haters you could say). She handed the sweater to me. There was two, one was white, and the other was either blue or yellow. The sweaters looked like painted adidas warm-up jerseys, but thicker. "This is a little thick" is what I said when I looked at it, but no one seemed to notice, because I said it quietly and they were all absorbed in their conversation (This did not bug me either). I noticed the symbol on the sweater. It was a shield shape, outlined in black. There was a line separating the end triangle of the shield point with the top rectangle. Inside the rectangle, there was an image of a rising sun. The colors were only black, white, and yellow though. After I change and I walk over to where my future teammates are, I notice their is one wearing a yellow (insert High School name here) jersey too. I thought I was a bit strange, because this was the JV jersey, and she must of been on varsity a year before. (Which actually wouldn't make sense, because she would of graduated by then). We are watching a scrimmage of other players. When I look back to my team, they changed out of their designated color (yellow) and say, "Lets just wear pennys". I deside not to change back into my black shirt and continue to wear my yellow jersey. While we are watching the game, Azara pushes though the crowd to throw the ball in. She does, and then the ball gets intercepted and the person on the other team scores. My team then starts to chant something (that I can't remember now, other than it was something negative), because the other team is doing poorly. I woke up about there.