Date: 4/21/2017

By emilyassoulin

I am inside a very large mall. There are people shopping and walking around. In this mall is a movie theater and i decide i want to see a movie. I am with another person who is following me to the movie entrance. We enter the movie theater. It is dark and there is already a movie playing on the screen. We stand there for a few minutes staring. All of the sudden everyone starts panicking. People are throwing their popcorn and drinks and tripping over people on their way to the exit. I push the huge door so i can exit the theater. Everyone in the mall is running for their lives. They are running away from something. I am terrified. From the corner of my eye i see a women wearing a basketball uniform. She is unnaturally tall, maybe 9 feet. She is running towards me when she stops suddenly. Im coming to get you she says as she points at me. She starts running at me. I run as fast as i can.