Mary Jane

Date: 3/20/2017

By kayleeannea

I had a dream that was about a girl named Mary Jane, who was sent to a sort of "boot camp" or something. She was a Latino girl with hair halfway down her back, and wore a worn out white rag to cover herself. Upon arrival she carried a suitcase and was lead into a big room for everyone to sleep in. There were two twin beds about 3 feet apart in the middle left of the room. About 5 feet from the foot of these beds was one super long bed with a red blanket. One of the beds was hers, and found the other one belonged to a girl the had a strange resemblance to a blonde girl named Jasmine at my school. She settled down and found that the long bed belonged to about 10 boys at the camp. Most of the boys would tease her and Jasmine-girl because they thought they couldn't be masculine or manly or anything like that. She stayed in the camp for a few days, doing almost nothing. After a week, they went to a place where they could dive. After diving, you'd be scooped out of the water by a net operated by Miss Holley (the drama teacher at my school). Mary Jane went last, and as she went up, the net broke and was stranded. Miss Holley got on a bus with a separate front and back and started driving across a line of boats. Somehow by swimming, Mary Jane beat the bus to land and earned the respect of the boys. There is a gap where I know stuff happened, but couldn't remember. I flashed forward to where she and boys were drinking root beer and they were joking about a fictional man who died from choking on the root beer because it stung his throat. By pure coincidence she chokes on her drink and falls over next to the bank of the river and spills her drink. The boys think she's joking, even when she starts the float down the river. After a while, the figure out she was serious and split up into two groups to find her. One group finds her dead body, and the other finds a naked woman covered in leaves only half awake. They take her back and find the first group announcing that Mary Jane is dead. They are saddened, but realize that she saved this woman's life. They stay at the boot camp for a while, and when visiting the grave, a large rock was carved into the shape of a fern was placed on top of her grave. No one knows who did it, but they leave it, and that was where the story of Mary Jane ended.