Statue garden 1

Date: 3/18/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

I dreamt of the statue garden once again. But this time there were not statues. This time there was only the garden. I was with Matthew and other people and I showed him that that place was identical to the one I usually dream of(my brain fucking me once again).then we went to a park which had something like an ice skating zone and I thought that if I did go skating with Matthew and the others he would push me down and I'd fell and hurt myself so I didn't. We stayed there for a while talking about something that I don't remember. Then we went to a strange house and entered a room which looked exactly like one of my elementary school classes. The one I used to have Catechism meetings into. There was the Bonciolini and they gave us a sheet of paper with some questions on it. One was about how much we would've been payed at work. I compiled that screaming and laughing until someone made me remember that there was him in the classroom. Then I fought with Flavia Baldazzi and I punched her and hurt her for some reason. I don't really know why. Then, when I went to bed again I dreamt about something, I was with Giulia and Erica and I had picked up two plants, two pieced of carnations really similar to each other. One was soft and kind of gummy, the other one looked exactly like the first one but was hard and had small barely noticeable thorns. I was saying something about them and then we wrote something but I don't remember what.