First day of 7 of grade

Date: 7/28/2019

By dreamkitty

It started off with grandpa driving us to the bus and saying that him and the bus driver was working together then the bus goes a different direction and me amd hannah both say lets just drive to school, grandpa gets mad and says hannah drive she missed the turn and i said can you stop and let me out? She got mad too but she opened the door and pushed me out i started crying as i walk to school and no one asked if i was ok then Mikayla did her happy half hug thing i pushed her off and said leave me alone with a very stuffy nose. I walk into school and everything was okay. We walk up the stairs and we get to a place like the future and i get locked in a hallway like tunel going through the whole school i get out at a teachers room she said you're late and the other nicer teacher told me ill have to get my face scanned and other things then i get mad i walk out. I go to a bathroom stall and cry, i tried to text mom but i knew she was at work, i told her i wanted to go home i hated it here and they all make fun of me. I remember how but me and hannah are both home at 8 am im on the computer and i feel something watching me i get scared and run into Hannahs room and close the door behind me she asked if i was being chased/followed i said no then she said you know you not suppose to be in here unless im being "ran at" i said that i was listening to a scary song and that bluey bumped in to my leg and scared me, i saw creepy pictures on her bed then there was blood.