A few days ago.

Date: 8/22/2017

By katelyn586

I had a dream I married my best friend. He and I went to the beach for our honeymoon. Once we got there the room was so close to the beach it was absolutely beautiful. He took me into his arms and started kissing me. We started having sex. By time he finished we had all the sheets in the floor with us. I was on top of him still and he asked if I finished. I laughed and said multiple times. Then he laughed and said good. Then the next morning we woke up to this kid wanting to play with us. Apparently we already had a foster kid and we took him on the honeymoon with us. So we started playing with him. Then we told him to go get dressed. He was about six years old. He was adorable. Then my husband kissed me. Then I woke up. It was just so weird to dream that about my best friend tho.