Date: 5/21/2017

By heidilore

JM and I went to Russia for some reason. We were staying with a guy and his family. He was a professor of film at a university. We were in St Petersburg. The family spoke perfect English. We went to the university and the elevators were really weird. I had books in Russian in my hands. I went off with the daughter, I had a crush on her. We were driving around, I was looking at a map. The map was in Russian. I asked her what country that was to the south, she said something in Russian I couldn't understand. She was so busy talking to me that she drove right into floodwaters. There was a huge Russian tank that managed to drive through it, but we were stuck. We grabbed our purses and tried to climb a wall.

AI generated interpretation The dream seems to be reflecting some sense of curiosity or interest in Russia, perhaps even an attraction to the culture or people. The fact that you and JM are staying with a professor of film might indicate that this interest is related to artistic or intellectual pursuits. The symbol of the elevators being weird could imply some anxiety or uncertainty about navigating this new environment, and the books in Russian suggest a desire to learn and understand more about the culture. The crush on the daughter of the host family might be tapping into some sense of romantic or sexual attraction to the new and exotic. However, the fact that the car drives into floodwaters and the two of you are forced to climb a wall suggests that there may be some sense of obstacles or challenges in pursuing this attraction, potentially related to cultural or social differences. Overall, the dream might be indicating a desire to explore new cultures and ideas, but also an awareness of the potential challenges and obstacles that come with venturing into the unknown.