Creepy guy in a car accident

Date: 5/25/2017

By icantrideabike

So I was dreaming that I was driving through Road I guess I often dream of driving on. Incidentally I am without a car and I'm going to conflict when I find adult with the car that is covered in dirt I have a bad feeling about this but I think that I should look inside even though I expect to see a dead body. I think the dirt off the side window in a man looks from inside there is any little girl too. He is very happy I found him and I helped him the whole time I am creeped out by him why didn't you just go out by himself if he isn't injured? Next to the accident is at school for gifted children or for children with learning disabilities I am not sure but the government protects them. We meet some of the boys and one of them is working on a nuclear weapon project the mail from inside the car is ugly happy to interact with them which makes me very suspicious