Glue soup

Date: 8/12/2017

By Rainbowinsight

I was on my way to a club in London the cab driver was driving fast, we went through Tottenham Hale at one stage I thought I had lost my phone I looked everywhere for it. It had sat nav on it to help me know where I was going and the name of the street, after looking for a while I found it I was very releaved however I was also concerned about how much this would cost. The black taxi pulled up and parked randomly. We got out an walked I said to him do you know you were clocking 119mph on the way here? He didn't seem to be too bothered he was looking for a place, we walked up a hill and on the left there was a huge conference centre where a convention was being held for Jehovah's witnesses he went in and I followed, there were tables with rows of people sitting on one side waiting to have conversations with people who came in. The cab driver sat down in front of someone and I sat near him but with a space of a few chairs when I looked the cab driver had turned into a woman, she said to the Jehovah's witnesses "I have cervical cancer and want you to heal me" I put on the table something like a pot within a pot of vegetable soup, I pulled up a tray from within it and on the tray was glue that had two parts, I explained. A hardener and a resin. I took a little from each and mixed them together and put it back in the soup. I was thinking this was going to repair the broken ring.