High School New Kid

Date: 3/5/2019

By Bumblebee2723

I was at my first day at a new high school and it was almost the end of a class. The school’s inside was one I didn’t know, but the outside was the one I went to. My teacher reminded us that next we needed to go to The Five Room. When the bell rang I kept asking people where that was but no one wanted to tell me. Finally, another teacher told me it was out front but I’d better hurry. I ran out front to see everyone lined up at this very tiny separate building, and saw some friends towards the front of the line. I ran up to them relieved, and I saw the guy behind me in line smirk. He started to shove into me with his shoulders and I turned around and told him to stop. He said, “What’re you gonna do about it?” and started to lightly smack me on the cheeks. After three times, I smacked him a little harder. His hand reached up and held mine on his face, and I said, “Do not start to mess with me, dude. For real.” At that moment, a nearby teacher turned around and saw the picture of my hand on his face, and as he came over to scold me, I woke up.