so many dreams over the night

Date: 7/29/2017

By lunar

exploring inside an old man's large house, trying to find something archie in bed with a dark haired guy, didn't make a name for him archie as a kid, trying to help someone, but has sticky hands. i tried to help get him to the many sinks somehow in the backyard, but he washed his hands in a dogs water bowl Naruto goads gaara into chasing him, and it becomes a race. gaara somehow has Pokemon like creatures to help him. gaara wins in the end gaara is comforting naruto, and offers to give him a coloring book that has swirls. he takes the one with the swirls all around, not just in a mirror it's me walking to school, carrying many books and a few overlarge books. brandon said hi to me cheerfully and i said hi back in a confused manner. i was confused why i was going back to school. i went in, and i was super early. people were getting breakfast. i walked into the girls locker room and started to get changed, when i wondered whether or not i had p.e or not, but then a girl asked me if we had assigned lockers, and i said, even if we do it's just the first day and we'll find out soon anyway and do it right tomorrow, and then we did the thing where we try to go past each other but keep running into each other. eventually this stopped, and i got dressed again and saw danniela in the locker room. i asked her if this was right, that we're still in high school, but she got a little confused and i let it go. then she started talking about cupcakes, and i started talking about that recipe for my favorite chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, and the locker room turned into a dim-ish grocery store for getting the ingredients. i was talking to Alexandria, for some reason. she was showing me her art, and we were listening to music. i think it was in like a classroom, and i saw another guy at another desk somewhere, who it felt like i knew, but he looked like the rap critic, so? in the dream i made note of the songs that were playing, but now I've forgotten. i think one was a linkin park song i was hanging out with some guy in a high up place. i don't recall what he looked like, but he sounded like cryaotic. he got us burgers and we talked about whatever, i don't remember much, movies maybe. then it cut to me at the outside of the building looking up at it, and an old man told me it was going to be torn down soon this one's after the high school dream i think. im driving a car and some guy is in the passenger seat. he's being rude, so i kick him out, and tell him to walk back to school, and that I'll see him next fall, which i thought was a good joke. cut to me walking on the road. lots of other people are walking on the road, but im far behind anyone. i get to a road light, and it's green, but people are in a line next to me, all old men i think, and one old man wearing all orange reaches out to stop me and tells me the road won't support my weight. he said it with a slightly disgusted tone, but i took it as true anyway. eventually the light turned red, and more and more people were gathering behind me. then the light turned green and we all started to walk. i don't remember as much about this dream. Sienna is slightly older, and i over hear her talking about cutting her hair, that she'd cut it with a book as a guide, as like a straight edge to use. and I'm mad but i, like, want to try it. so i do, and then i look in the mirror and my hair is huge. i look down to see fair sized locks of hair cut off, and my hair is a dark purpley blue for some reason. i go to the bathroom and see Sienna on the toilet cutting her hair. for some reason she has safety scissors over real scissors, and i take them out of her hand and ask her what she's doing.