f-d up dream about the Easter Bunny, mistaken identity

Date: 3/17/2017

By seascarlet

1: I was in a casual lab of some sort that looked like it could be a loosely laid out office building. In a corner outside of one of the rooms there was a cage with a strange colorful birdlike creature inside. It was small and intelligent, but couldn't really communicate. It had no back legs. A woman told me I could pick it up and help it move around, but to not forget its leash. Its leash was a metal ring that fit around its waist, that a chain could be attached to. I quickly learned that it would freak out without its leash, screaming as though it were terrified or in pain. Once when I forgot the leash, it screamed and I realized it was bleeding. Then I learned or deduced somehow that this thing used to be a carrot, but alive with eyes etc., like a cartoon character. It was physically conjoined with the Easter Bunny as one of its arms. It had been cut off at some point and that's why it had no legs. I realized that it needed the leash because the metal ring stabilized it. It had internal injuries still from when it was a carrot and the Easter Bunny would chew on it all the time. The metal ring also made it so that it couldn't look down past its own waist and see where it had been torn away from its Easter Bunny. Yeah that was a weird dream. 2: Jeff and I were visiting at some university at night and were mistaken for a couple of freshmen who had broken some dorm rules or something, and had to meet with a male coach who taught good morals and went over the university rules. Instead of letting on that they had the wrong people, we decided to meet with him anyway and just enjoy being mistaken for college kids a while longer. He sat in his car with us, with him in the driver's seat and us in the back. He showed us some video clips and talked down to us like we were a couple of naive kids. I enjoyed it and let him think I was smart, but not give away my real age. Jeff did the same, but questioned his logic sometimes in a defiant sort of way.