Nothing makes sense

Date: 1/31/2019

By DarlingMarie

So I don’t even remember how this dream began or even how it ended. But I will tell you everything that I can remember. The most crucial things that stuck with me. I remember being at an amusement park with my daughter and some other people (do not recall who these other individuals are). Her and I were waiting in line to get onto this ride that she has never been on before. The ones that look like giant swings or podiums and go completely upside down. As we got up the the front. I had left her side for some reason and when I returned she was gone. I ran around frantically looking for her, little to my knowledge that she was getting onto this ride by herself and I had no way of getting to her. Here’s the catch though: Somehow, for some odd reason, I remember sitting down somewhere and closing my eyes. Upon opening them, to my amazement, I was on the ride, sitting directly across from her on this ride. I could see her but she was too far away for me to reach her. (This ride I imagined was circular in shape and very large.) As the ride started to go, we somehow ended up over a ginormous body of water. When the ride began to pick up momentum and we were seconds away for the ride turning upside down, a wave formed right over us, almost engulfing us. A wave so big that it looked like one of those tsunami waves from the end of the world movies. Everything went black. I woke up.. But not literally woke up. I woke up from a dream, inside of my dream. I ran outside to my husband, grabbing him and frantically trying to tell him this bizarre dream that I had of what it seemed like us dying. Then I try to show him something on my phone, and at that very moment, houses and cars started to smoke and catch aflame. And then, as quickly as it started, it got completely worse. Everything blew up around us. I screamed and cried and I couldn’t move. I just froze in time almost. And that’s where it ends. I don’t recall anything else but what was just read. I hardly ever remember my dreams. It’s very rare for me to recall anything when I wake up. But this one was big, and this one stuck with me. Just very odd and a little creepy to me.