Secret spiderman

Date: 8/9/2017

By amornoir

I was outside, seeing that there was havoc going on. I look up at the window building, seeing a woman laughing. I run into the building and head to the apartment room, seeing who it was. She was a villain and knew who I was. She tied me up and put me next to a bucket of water and tries to drown me. Time skips as I was in a classroom, filled with some friends being held hostage by the same lady. Looking over, I tell them we can take her on as we jumped her and threw her out the window and into the dumpster, hearing her neck snap. We ran off but a friend, Harry Osborn, wanted to check what happened as another friend pulled me away. I was gonna warn Harry to come out but I looked over to the room to see it was pitch black, knowing she was alive and must've taken harry back. I tell everyone to run out quickly. Running behind a house, i put on my spidey suit, swinging away to find the woman. I head into the gasoline store, seeing it being a mess. All of a sudden the workers start yelling at me, saying I killed some people as they tried to lock me inside by closing the door but i bust out, swinging away fast.