2 Lucid Dreams (2 Layers)

Date: 8/5/2017

By kyle_chandler

I came into the lucid dream and something told me that I could go join the dinner party that was happening nearby. I went to the table and they invited me to sit down and they were looking at me weird. The first thing I asked, which didn't come out right, was what part of my subconscious do you represent. They all looked offended and disgusted at the question. I forget what happened after that but I later woke up, into another lucid dream. The next one was with Brian and Teri, they were stuffing old candy into trenches and packing it up for goodwill I think. There was a family sitting nearby. I spoke to the parents about something I forget and then to the kids. The youngest kid wasn't even human he was a stuffed bear that was lanky. I asked him something but I forget what, and he just smiled at me menacingly, and instantly I knew that his smile was from someone I know. It had bad intentions behind it. Later on I somehow ended up having to deal with a short fat man that was trying to do something bad. I had to use a lot of manifestation skills. He was doing some criminal shit and I was the only person who could stop him. At one point I said, I want everyone who isn't conscious to leave the dream, and everyone disappeared except him. I said "you're conscious?" And he said yes. I followed him around and he was telling me random bs, because he knew he couldn't hurt me. I manifested a small tranquilizer gun and shot him. I had to try this a few different ways to get it right. When he was passed out, I flipped him over and cut a hole behind his head and dropped a little silver rectangle tracking device in his head. His insides were all machinery. Sealing his skin back together before he woke was tough but I did it. The trick is not trying to seal it while you're looking at it directly but look away and decide that when you look back it will be done. And it was. Just after that he woke, and didn't suspect a thing. Shortly after that the dream ended