I Dreampt About Dustin

Date: 2/25/2017

By OctobersLaurel

So I didn't take my medicne last night which Is Risperdal It helps me sleep. First night without It. I couldn't take It because they found something In my blood that was high and I could start producing milk. ***Dream*** The setting Is outside my school Chichester Middle school to be exact. Im standing up. And Dustin ( my crush who I love) is sitting and we're talking. Dustin asks me out on a date. Then Natalie (my friend) aproaches us. She starts swearing at me and saying I'm a horrible friend. I tell her Im not and Dustin stands up. Then he says "Nevermind Laurel" he then asks Natalie out on a date. "But I thought you liked Xander i protested against Natalie. "I've realised I like Dustin now" Natalie says. They walk off together hand In hand. I then go home and continuously cry. Then darkness.