Flying a plane?!

Date: 4/7/2017

By CheesyIceCream

Me and jorgen were pilots of a tiny plane. We both went inside, and started the engines.. The plane wouldn't take off because we were towing a bigger plane behind us, so we decided to toe the small plane with the big plane. I don't know why we didn't just disconnect the big one. So we board the big plane, and it's me and jorgen and a bunch of other crew members. We do the preflight checks, start the engines, taxi to the runway and we go to full throttle. The plane takes off a little bit.. Gets in the air, and then falls to the runway again. We keep going at full throttle but the plane just won't take off. We are bouncing up and down off the runway, and I try my hardest to get the plane in the air. We put down the flaps, turn on all the engines, the emergency power, afterburners, everything, and it lifts off! We fly verrry close to the ground and we run out of runway and we scrape the trees. Everyone's running around the cabin trying to contact ATC and getting things to work right on the plane. After some time, the airplane molds into a space ship, and all of the crew and I are piloting a spaceship near an asteroid. We are going towards the asteroid too fast, and I tell Jorgen to do a bunch of things. I said to turn on inertial dampeners and divert reactor power to all reverse thrust engines. We slowed down a little bit, but not enough.. We crashed into the asteroid, and we damaged all thrusters. We couldn't move and we were in a big red spaceship crashed into an asteroid. The cabin still looked like the plane.