Poop Stain

Date: 7/18/2017

By TwentieToo

There were all these small houses in a field next to a gas station. These dream, the lighting or vibe or whatever, was yellow, like sunflower yellow. I was kind of watching this dream like it was a movie. Most people who lived there were guys. And sex workers came every night. Then one night, I was Rihanna. She was a prostitute. And she was the only one there that night and had to work at every single house. The last house, they guy looked kinda similar to my dad, but he was only in his twenties. The most similar thing about them was the buzzed hair. But this dude was woken up by me/Rihanna climbing on top of him. He was a bit surprised and kept saying he didn't want to. But this part ended before I knew what happened next. I think I've had a variation of this dream before. And this dream, the...filter? lighting?...was really white. There was a small city with cobblestone roads. It was night and there were Christmas lights hanging from the buildings. On one corner there was a line of people waiting. They were all sitting in the cafe chairs. Everyone was super dressed up, like it was prom or something. I sat down for just a second and then I got in. The dream shifted and I was in this fairly big, old white house in the middle of nowhere. I was living with these girls for a while. At first I didn't know they were porn stars. But after a while I began to realize. Me and this one blond girl were a bit attracted to each other. And I think we did some stuff in private but for some reason we couldn't tell the other girls. But then she had to go and I went outside and there were a bunch of little kids playing around. A particular boy took interest in me and showed me all the little lizards and bugs and things. There was a canal at the end of the very long driveway. There was some competition where we had to catch as many microscopic lizards as we could. Then dream ended. Then this dream, I was staying with my dad for a bit. The the "filter" was deep yellow orange, almost a rusty brown. He lived in an old old house. It was rusty, creaky, dusty. I didn't realize this in the dream but it was the same house as the dream above. The front of the house was a bit nicer than the back. I was staying in the back. This room was shared by a couple others. Some were his friends, some other girls who were staying there. Someone ordered pizza and it was gone before me and the other girls could get one piece down. All his friends were greedy, loud, and gross. Then my dad and his friends decided to go on a trip to town. Which was the town in the above dream. Apparently it was very dangerous and I wasn't able to go. I was angry I couldn't go and that I had to stay in the disgusting house the whole time. My dad said asked me, "Don't you have something to do? Read? Draw?" I replied, "No. Even if those things were available to me, I wouldn't be able to focus long enough." He laughed and started making fun of me. One of my dads friends, who was a whole lot nicer than the rest, comforted me and said that they'd be back soon. He put on his ski mask and they headed out. So I was all alone in my room and I decided to pack. My aunt, Echo, and her kids came unexpectedly. I helped her with them. Her three year old, Garon, had to use the bathroom. But something was wrong with the bathroom. He made it sound like he could hold it, but then sat down on me and started going #2. Echo hurry and piked him up and carried him to the toilet. I examined myself and found a giant poop stain on my shirt. We couldn't find anything else for me to wear except a dress, which was exactly like hers. For some reason we were putting concealer all over our chest, shoulders, upper arms, and armpits. She put some on top of her dress as well. Then I decided I wanted to go to town. So I grabbed my things hopped in a car and went. But I barely knew how to drive and didn't have a driver's license. I ran a couple light and drove a little recklessly. I think I was upset, I don't know why. But this driving part, I've had many other dreams where I get in a car, specifically to find my mom, but I don't know how to drive. The dream ended before I came to my destination.