Mussolini, The Most Beautiful Girl In Cairo

Date: 3/27/2017

By incurableflame

I've never actually been to Cairo and have no idea what it looks like really, but in my dream it's a small, walled city built ontop of an ancient Egyptian burial site that is still being excavated. I saw the people & streets as if I was watching a documentary, and the commentator counted down the "Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls In Cairo", he said their names and then filmed them looking at the camera and for some reason over half of the girls were named Mussolini. Then for some stupid reason I was at number one as the most beautiful even though I was only a tourist and, I mean, have you bloody even seen my face?? And just before they announced my name, I saw drunk Mac DeMarco in a pink rabbit suit. Go figure. Anyways, there was a construction going on at the airport. Suddenly, I was back in Dublin, and the sky was clear and blue, and I remarked to the passangers that got off the plane with me how nice/interesting it is that for that moment, the weather in Cairo & Dublin seemed almost undistinguishable.