Date: 8/20/2017

By tiafaithberger

OK so first we will paddle boarding as a family and me and My mom saw this sunset and it was so beautiful it was the prettiest sunset I have ever seen and we had a swim back and we actually weren't paddle boarding but at the same time we were but other people took a boat and then I was at my house and my house is like a really big expensive house with a pool and but we were building the pool and apparently there is a big basketball game tomorrow or football game and I wanted to have a sleepover with Timmie but we couldn't but then suddenly Timmie was there at my house like she just appeared and she said that her dad was here and that she was talking my dad and then a full out party happened and Timmie was like jumping off the diving boards but she was afraid and she was wearing these weird clothes because her dad bought her clothes for back to school and he wanted her to wear them but then she changed into a swimsuit and I was in a swimsuit and my golf shorts and I was a one piece swimsuit and there was this famous guy Cameron Boyce was there and we were just like a friend of mine or something but I knew he was famous but he was like acting all crazy but before that I wanted to go outside because half of my yard was raining and the other half was not and it was so pretty outside and then back to the party like my Uncle Eric was there and I wanted to decorate a shirt because he was decorating shirt and he asked me what size I wore a small like a kids small for like a large and I said whatever shirt that would fit me and he did measurements and said oh I got it but then left and then Keeley's field up and she was decorating this towel and she said that she was decorating zero towel and I had to order the zebra towel was mine that goes to my bathroom and then she's like oh OK and then disappeared and I want all my family was around me but I could only see like my dad my uncle and so do you like how do you like it have a perfectly good towel Calvary old and I was like I don't know but then I asked them the same question but they just appeared and Timmie!🙈🥑 said that she could have a sleepover on Thursday night which was then tomorrow night and I was like OK I'll ask but you ask too but then she was like no I can't because I have family over and two football players and I was like what oh OK because the two football players were two brothers but will actually doesn't play football but the other one does but in my dream both of them did that she was acting all weird then I wanted to go swimming so I was going to take off my shorts but then I was suddenly in the water the water kept catching on fire and I'll put it out and so my shorts got all wet but I just decided to leave them on and went over to the diving board and then I woke up