Forced to Join a Cult

Date: 6/4/2017

By meftie

The dream started with me and a bunch of people that I loosely know floating in the middle of the ocean holding on to floating matresses, or using orange life vests to stay afloat. We were floating in the middle of nowhere at night, and we could barely see each other's faces. I was floating hanging on to a matress but I eventually gave mine up to a little girl who was struggling to stay afloat. We eventually floated into some sort of boat- house in the middle of the ocean, but there was somewhere to stand so we all picked ourselves out of the water and laid down on the solid wood. We were all utterly exhausted, and fell asleep. Suddenly only I woke up in this weird locked in room. There was a voice that was speaking to me, but I never ended up seeing his face. I think he wanted me to think that he was God. He took me through these different rooms that manipulated how your brain processed information. There was one room that continually kept spinning around and around. The "God" person put me on the floor, and I got more and more dizzy as I was spun around the floor. He told me that eventually my brain wouldn't be able to tell the difference between what was real and what was fake. I thought I needed to find something real. I later found out that my mother was a huge supporter of this strange cult, and she took me shopping while she was trying to make it appeal to me. I went along with it and tried to say I believed in the cult so I wouldn't gurt her feelings. We went in the car after, and my dad was there to drive us away. My mom told my dad that I had just been confirmed for the new church. I told her that I never agreed to that, but she said since I told her I liked the ideas of the church, I was locked in forever. I started to panic and woke up.