the human cyborg coven

Date: 2/18/2017

By lucid Bushugi

I was somewhere in Manhattan and I was just walking around. I went into this huge store that was a new corporation. the guy who owned it was very rich and he was suspicous. he showed me a tour and we went into the basement. him and his workers gathered around me and told me that this was a coven and that I was now going to have to sacrifice a body part to this human robot that they are making. I managed to escape, I tried to find my way out but It was deep. This man was some sort of mage because everytime I would get to a certain part and open a door and I'd be back where I was minute ago. I somehow got out of the building and ran for my life. I located some cop in a run down police precinct. he told me that we can go together to sneak into the covens underground supply chamber to see what's going on, but that's all he can do. we entered it and it was quite and eerie, part of it was a cave. we entered it and it smelled really bad. we noticed there were lots of odd looking biological structures. It looked like sea creatures. we walked into another part of the supply chamber and there was about a lifetime supply of food and living supplies. we heard footsteps so we hid, it was the leader of the coven (the guy who worked at that store). we snuck out and I had to go find this isolated man in search for help, I found him in his lair and had to kill people in order to find him. once I found him. two men from the coven found us.