Defending Myself

Date: 5/14/2017

By LucidSeer

I was on this wealthy guy's train. I was trying to step off but the train kept moving slowly. (I'm on crutches in waking life, so I needed the train to be at a complete stop for me to be able to exit). I threatened the conductor of the train that I was going to call 911, and gestured to do so. He stopped the train, but then ran out to the terminal and told them that I was being a problem customer. At some point I was now inside the station, and had been invited in by nice people. Then security was there and they were questioning me about the whole thing. I'd explained about the train not stopped, and 911, and the conductor. They asked if I broke into the station or if someone let me in. I told them about the nice people who had invited me in. I think it all resolved and I was found innocent, but it was weird to be defending myself as I slowly woke.