Date: 6/30/2017

By sadinarus

So my dream started off with me and my friends going into our friend Fernandos house. We entered into his kitchen and it was absolutely beautiful. It's like we had walked into IKEA. They still had the IKEA tags on the counters and everything; they were remodeling. When we went into the living room, it was very dirty. They had not made there way into the living room yet. So we leave, and I go to my house and my family is just getting out of there car to bring groceries upstairs. (Apparently we lived in New York. In the projects) so I helped. And while I was helping I told my mom about the kitchen in Fernandos apartment. She got mad for going into his house while he wasn't home, but I knew he didn't care. So all I said was "he's my friend" and she calmed down. Somehow, I end up in some type of buggy thing, sitting next to Sean and on the left side of him was his ex girlfriend Renna. Sean had a blunt in his hand and gave it to me. It was my first time, so he tried to show me what to do, but I already knew how to smoke it. Eventually Renna said something and I was like "why are you here?" And she tried to have a Convo with me and I was like "I still don't like you" she said something under her breath and I got toward the edge of my seat and reached over Sean to pull her glasses off her face. And I threatened to break them. Eventually she left and it was just me and Sean. We were chilling, having an amazing time. Our friend Zay asked if I wanted a drink, I said yes. He was making this fruity pink alcoholic beverage. He asked if I wanted a large, I know I should have said no (I don't even drink) but I said yes. I never got my drink though. So me and Sean are making out, having a grand ole time, smoking and enjoying each other's presence. My mother calls and tells me to come on. Immediately I get mad. I take one more puff of the blunt and head over to the car. Her and her friend is laid back on the seats, exhausted. She tells me "come on, I don't wanna comeback her tonight, I'm exhausted." In my head I was like I can just spend the night, or get a ride home. But I knew she wouldn't allow me to spend the night and I knew nobody else at that party except for Sean and Zay. They both didn't have cars. I didn't argue. I walked back to the party and told Sean I'm leaving. Somehow, I'm on the stairs inside the house party, Sean is right behind me. He wraps his arms around my waist and kisses on my neck, and I lean back into him enjoying it. We smoke again. And I don't remember anything after that. THE END