Larva tree, school and little zombie killerd

Date: 4/27/2017

By dixsilence

The first dream was weird, it was at night at my town. There was a really big tree in the middle of the plaza, we were like tiny insects compared to it. I was climbing it because I had a special bug on my hands, it was a larvae who would eat the tree and then turn into something else. I was kind of left alone, my friends were preoccupied of some korean pop bands and the other people just didn't care. So I deployed the larva on the tree and started chewing on it. I was several meters above ground so I had a very impressive view while chasing this larva on the tree. Next dream I was on school, I was gonna have my class so I went to the first floor. We had electrical scales so I took one of them, it was sooo crowded, I was cheek to cheek with a girl, and full of soap foam that I barely could breathe. So when we got to the top we looked to our salons but couldn't find them, the building was different, it was old and elegant, the doors where ancient and full of decorations. We started knocking in doors and one opened. Inside there was an old man dying while his family was talking to his doctor, we interrupted and left. I remember discussing with a classmate and I threw his shoes behind a kitchen. Sadly it started to catch fire and melt, we couldn't get it back. Final dream I was on a mission protection two little girls. One of the had long black hair, and a energetic personality, when other one was blonde and serious. We were escaping on a mountain on very narrow passages, we reached a cave and the girls wanted to go inside. The. we heard a noice "Woooooho", it was zombie Michael Jackson with a rocket launcher. We escaped at the speed of light into we make it to the school, the girls were the best zombie killers on the world and I had to protect them, it was awesome.