Ex boyfriend tried to sexually assault me

Date: 4/11/2017

By alirowbotham

In my dream I got back with my ex boyfriend from university (about 7 years ago now). I don't know how or why we were back together, but I wasn't happy about it and was trying to break up with him. We were at my parents house, and a friend was staying on the sofa and we were on an air bed on the floor. In the early hours of the morning I tried to break up with him, and he went on to sexually assault and tried to rape me. I managed to fight him off and then made him leave the house. The next day none of my friends or family believe me and they were all really cross with me. We then went on some kind of organised hike in the rain which ended up at a big glass office block which we were apparently running a charity campaign from. When we got there the ex was there and I had a really bad anxiety attack when I saw him, and that's what eventually woke up, and I was having a panic attack in real life