Lost in darkness, beautiful women

Date: 6/12/2017

By TheNagual

A racetrack I had been running around for some time. I was invisible and tried stealing out of a limo. I was soon to be caught, I ran off the tracks after talking to Alex. The further I ran the darker it got until I was in pitch black and woke up from fear. There was a map that I could have followed. Inside an unknown class back at highschool, there was a blond hair women who talked about Buddhism with me. She had a small set of bracers for her front top teeth. I felt immensely attracted to her and followed her out the door and talked to her until she got into a car with two familiar eccentric people I knew. I got into my car, the scenery felt hot and crowded. In one scene I was making out with her in front of my mathematics class, everyone watched the beauty of it. Outside an unknown shopping center, many strange dressed up people walked from cars to buildings. There was a robber who was being watched by a queen, he got the loot he was looking for inside of the room but was locked in there by the queen. It was 94 degrees in that room; he lied down and gave up soon to be dead.