The Hunters Are Coming!

Date: 5/21/2017

By Rest-in-Peace

Brett was a zombie, and couldn't resist trying to make me a snack, so I had to leave. (I woke up, and fell back asleep.) I was now a vampire, because then he couldn't try to eat me and it's my favorite supernatural character. Me and this chick were on the run from vampire hunters, and couldn't fly away. So I stayed behind to stalk them in the woods along the road and see what was going on. We needed a branch/stick of a specific tree to empower us enough to fly, because we were new vampires. I thought I saw the right branch and I hollered imitating one of the vampire hunters, "I think that's one of the branches they need, throw it ahead of you and let me see!" The lady threw it and I ran out, grabbed it and yelled to my vampire companion, "let's go!" And to the hunters, "see yah!" But it was not the right branch and she got caught. I was holding the branch as they got closer and closer to me, I looked over my right shoulder to see if my wings were flapping and it was. I threw the branch down and ran off the road onto the beach that was in front of the water we were trying to escape above because I saw a branch of the correct tree. "Please be Vainglory, please be Vainglory" I heard as thoughts in my head and in my vampire companion hoping. I jumped and took flight and heard her shout "yes!" I flew over to this little spot next to a railroad track and kind of crash landed, I turned back to decide if I was going to try and save her or if I was going to go back to the island to get help/backup. This is when I woke up. --------------------------------------------- •This is probably my favorite dream I've had, and I might try to use this mystical tree as a way to fly in my future dreams. I don't even mind that it wasn't lucid. •Had to be a long, straight stick. •Vainglory was a very light wood with traces of darker running through it. •My wings were white and clearish white. •I don't remember who turned me or how I turned in the dream.