Wrong Flight

Date: 2/2/2019

By smparsons111

I dreamed that I was flying to Chicago, so I boarded a plane. The inside of the plane was very luxurious, much better than what you would see in first class. There were lots of beds, lots of different rooms, and I also saw some of my coworkers from work there too. After I put my luggage down, I somehow figured out that this plane wasn't going to the destination that I wanted it to go, but the pilot was willing to stop at a few places along the way to the destination. I quickly asked one of the ladies who worked there the destination that this plane was heading, and they said "Monaplis City". I asked what state that was in, and guessed Montana or Missouri, but the lady told me another state that I don't remember. I asked if Chicago was on the way to Monaplis City and she said no. So I quickly informed them that I need to get off the plane before it takes off. They told me that somebody would come and get me and I should gather my luggage and prepare to leave.