Owning my own store

Date: 8/22/2017

By MsBananaNanner

My mom had bought me a store building to use for selling my art and whatnot. I was really excited, but also kind of panicking because now I was going to have to really dedicate myself to selling stuff and worrying about making enough to keep the business afloat etc. The first thing I do is have all these boxes of stuff delivered to the store from storage containers and such. I'm not sure where all the stuff came from, but it was all knick knacks and thrift store type stuff that I was going to sell. I look through the first box and find a banana costume. "Sweet!" I holler as I put it on and dance around. Then I find a Miraculous Ladybug costume and I start freaking out because "OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING THERE IS EVEN A MASK AND A YOYO" I was trying to do "Lucky Charm!" but my yoyo was just a kids toy so it kinda sucked and all I managed to do was smack myself in the face. I was having so much fun though. Then there's a lot of painting, and remodeling and cleaning, and I swear the dream felt like it lasted for hours and hours and days and weeks. Once it was painted I was setting up merchandise, and rearranging, and redoing, just over and over and it was so tedious. Eventually the store gets opened to the public, and I wind up turning it into a boutique/cafe. I wanted there to be kids areas, and cozy fireplaces, and all kinds of different things and it was just a long dream of me working endlessly, always worrying about if my business was going to be successful.