Date: 4/4/2017

By dixsilence

Very messy dreams. I remember being in my old house watching the sky, it was cloudy and starting to rain. Suddenly clouds went lower almost touching the roofs. Then the clouds were black and a mysterious and scary wind started to blow. At the distance a tornado took ground and started to move. I went for my camera but when I came it was too late. Dream changes, I'm in my house it was about to rain we were fixing all the holes and cracks of this house. Even the front was empty because we took the gate. It was a real mess. Dream changes again I'm on a rollercoaster thingy. Behind me were two annoying kids who couldn't stop bothering other people. I asked my mate if it was ok to grab my bubblegum and stick it to one of the child's hair. After I did that and the two Lil shit ran out crying, the rollercoaster took a tour for various cool places. I even passed by the coast, the sea level was above me but the water didn't went down (?). Finally after all that I appeared at the street near my house and at the other corner I saw a old man in a suit, it was my late Grandpa but everytime I focus my sight he changed form to another person. I tried so hard to focus but couldn't control the dream because I knew I was asleep.