A Very Curious Drive and A Stroll into the Night

Date: 7/12/2017

By fluffytree

I'm in my room waking up from sleep so I take it this would be a false awakening. Only I stay in the dream and go on as usual. Kevin, my mom's ex, comes in holding a duffel bag and heads towards my closet to stash it I suppose. He sees me awake and says hi and I greet him back. Not sure what's going on but before he reaches my closet my mom comes in and tells him to get out. There's like 8 or so people in the hall too. All of whom I don't know at all. What is going on?! I'm so confused as to why there's some sort of get together at my house. They seem to know Kevin though and take the bag away from him. One guy claims he's trying to hide some booze which honestly wouldn't surprise me since he's an alcoholic. I think an intervention was being staged and it's just now ending. So it's likely they threatened to take all his alcohol away and he panicked deciding to grab some from somewhere and hide it in my room. I feel sorta sorry for him since he's struggled with drinking all his life. Sadly I doubt this'll work. He'll probably never get through this issue, especially since he's in his 50s now. I start to come out my room and see several connected cables hanging down from my ceiling which makes me also wonder what the hell happened. Was there some sort of physical fight or altercation between him and my mom or one of the other people? I dunno, but man I just keep thinking why does my mom keep bringing him and his mess over our house. We don't need or want the drama that comes with someone's substance issues. I eventually just leave the house only I never remember leaving, just found myself driving away from my house. Not sure where I'm going so I just randomly cruise without a destination. I spot this lady in front of me who has her interior lights on. It's night time mind you so I can see everything in her vehicle pretty clearly. She seems to be in a hurry somewhere so I decide to follow her. She's a very courteous driver I'll give her that. Not something I see too often around where I live unfortunately. I see that she's light-skinned with shoulder length black hair. Also looks to be in her late 30s early 40s. She's kind of attractive to me actually. Anyway I keep trailing her turning when she turns, changing lanes when she does, etc. I am just really intrigued by where she's going and fortunately she never gets privy to my creepy actions either. She eventually pulls into some driveway of a house that I can see inside of due to the curtains being wide open and the lights on. Looks like some sort of social get together where several people are sitting in the living room. You can tell none of them really know each other well cos everyone is sort of spread out and quiet for the most part. Some just sitting and waiting for something to start while others browse on their phones to avoid the awkwardness. I stopped right behind the lady and she went right in. She still didn't notice I'd been following her either. I don't go in but I continue to watch. She says hi to the person who opens the door and then goes right to the couch to sit down and wait around in silence just like everyone else. I think this is a meetup group and probably the very first meeting too. They're probably waiting on the organizer to show up since I've been in these situations several times before and know how they tend to be on the first one. I decide I've seen enough and start walking away in another random while just leaving my car parked there. That lady probably won't be able to get out since I've blocked her in but this doesn't pass through my mind at the time. I stroll down a walkway near some 2 story apartments and then wander inside. I seem to be in some sort of school though, like some kind of university. I see a group of people nearby talking about some professor of theirs and decide to listen. The man they describe sounds very interesting and mysterious. They talk about how much he's traveled, the things he's discovered, and how interesting his lectures are. I dunno what the course is he teaches but it's either computer programming, electrical engineering, or maybe archeology. Then they start mentioning how they think he might be involved in something that's a little shady and perhaps a little treasonous too. There's been rumors going around that his recent travels took him close to the borders of North Korea and no one has any idea why he was there or what he was doing. He didn't tell anyone he was traveling there and didn't really talk about it when he got back either. It's speculated that maybe he's exchanging sensitive material with the North Korean government in exchange for something, maybe money or something else that he sees as extremely valuable and rare that can't be acquired in the States. Who knows, but the conversation starts to die and they switch subjects to random small talk stuff. I lose interest and start wandering away until I spot a scooter sitting against the side of the building. We're now outside now too so I guess they were walking and talking as they were mentioning their teacher. Not sure who's scooter this is but I'm riding it. I take it and begin to cruise away and find it really fun. No one stops me or says 'hey that's my scooter' or anything like that. I just glide away, down the street and into the night. I wake up shortly after this.