Logan Paul food fight

Date: 5/21/2019

By levinelover

There was a YouTube video with Logan Paul preforming called “literally everything you could want to happen”. It was the first day of coachella or something big like that and Logan Paul was performing on stage, it was a huge deal! As he was talking to the audience a teenager he’s had beef with on the past (only in my dream not in real life) came up from the other side of the DJ stand and plopped food down on his head. Logan stood there for a good minute looking him in the eyes shocked and not knowing whether to take the high road so he doesn’t get into controversy, or satisfy himself and give the guy whatever he deserves. After a minute Logan said “fuck it” and took food and dumped it right into his hair. They started slow but went hardcore and didn’t hold back and all each time worse than the other, until they were both savagely drenched in food. They were surrounded by food and merch on that stage. Logan went in for a legal threat saying “you’re not even legally allowed to sell the merch you’re selling” (which were candy bobble heads of Logan). “The woman running the event thinks you’re in love with me and my boyfriend cause you have merch so old she doesn’t understand how anyone else can get ahold of it, she thinks you’re gay bro. The candy is so old it’ll make kids sick, you sell that and you’ll get kicked out I’ll make sure of it”. It was hard for me to see if Logan was exaggerating to shut him down or not. I was wondering if the whole thing was staged it was just too crazy, although I hoped it wasn’t. I rematched it analyzing Logan’s face and watching how long it took him to contemplate it looked real, although i wasn’t sure. Jake Paul and his dad were sitting at an outdoor table with the teen enemy of Logan and all eating. The teen asked jakes dad if he could cut him celery and he said sure. The dad cut it, and when the teen took it he was careful to keep everything on the celery stacked up on it cutting it again. This made the Paul’s realize he was gonna start another food fight and their guard was on instantly.