Old Crush

Date: 5/19/2017

By itsliz

I don't really remember but I think the dream started out where I was driving a boxcar and we were going really fast and driving through different terrains. I felt as though I couldn't slow down even though I could and felt as though I was in a hurry even though I was calm, so I think we were in some sort of race and we were in the lead by a long shot. In the passenger seat sits my old crush Jamie from High School who had been 2 grades before me and was a Senior when I was a Junior. I suppose he was helping navigating while I believe my brother was in the back acting as comedic relief. I totally forget what all we talked about the entire time but what I do remember is that during a part of a race, we hit terrain that had an implied pathway but I felt it was more my "experience" helping me get through. We drive on a paved road and it gets bumpy because ahead it's got a tight turn to the right with two very big pot holes with water in them. I maneuver so that we don't hit the deepest parts of the holes and manage to go around the bend and then it quickly starts turning into dirt but just like a ridge. I'm using my "experience" to make sure we don't tip over on either side. At some point the "point of view" pans out to look at our car and it shows we're on something that's like an ant hill but a lot bigger, in a forest with a few REALLY big trees like the Redwoods in California. The pathway leading up to the lip of the top just shows its a track course basically turning you 180 degrees. When we're halfway through it, it pans back to me and at some point our car seems to have a back that sticks out to the left? It has a piano and Jamie wants to get out and play -- maybe his a ility to play adds points or something. Before he goes he apparently has to talk to me but I don't remember except for the general idea. He mentioned that he's been having fun and wondered why he didn't know I could be this fun. I told him that it's only recent I realized I could be like this, and it would've been nice if I could tell him when stuff like this happens again but I wouldn't have his phone number. Turns out he's willing and writes me his phone number and has my brother hand it to me as he climbs out to play the piano. I don't remember if I heard, but I get the general feeling that he played the piano and I sort of heard it. Then I woke up, because I was swerving and very very afraid Jamie would fall out off his stool.