Being Attack

Date: 5/23/2017

By awalker406

I was surrounded but different colour cats that didn't look friendly at all. Suddenly they started to claw and bite lower leg. I didn't understand why they were attacking me when I did nothing wrong. I just stood there with confusion and hurt. Next scene: I walking down some dark alleys at night time, where I was going I don't know. But I had this overwhelming feeling that someone was following me. Eventually I felt someone behind me and slash my back with a very sharp edge knife. I turned around to see nothing there. I continue to walk faster, back in the direction I was going, wherever I was going until someone slash my back again. In fear, I began to run away from whoever was attacking me but no matter how fast I ran, this person was able to slash my back several times. Eventually I fell heavy into an abyss and woken up from my dream.