Digital art, In a tense scene on a NYC subway, a deranged gunman holds passengers hostage as they anxiously watch his every move, while the dreamer, determined to avoid direct eye contact and overcome with flashbacks, seeks help from the conflicted police to no avail, until a fortuitous encounter with a high school classmate offers a brief moment of reassurance.

Deranged gunman in NYC Subway

Date: 12/31/2023

By Purple

I had a dream last night I was back in NYC riding the subways and there was a deranged man with a gun pointed at passengers. Everyone had their hands up, frightened, nervous. They were watching this man’s every move. I chose not to look him in the eyes and kept my eyes focused elsewhere, watching everyone else’s fear instead. It was tense. Cops were torn between following orders to do nothing or taking this trouble maker down. I kept having flashbacks in my dream, not knowing if the scene ended or was on repeat. I approached the police at their dispatch station in the subway area, but because I couldn’t physically describe the suspect, they said there was nothing they can do. At some point, a high school classmate and I recognized one another. She said some kind, reassuring words that I really needed to hear, and then the crowds caused us to lose each other again.

AI generated interpretation This dream reflects feelings of fear, helplessness, and uncertainty. The setting of the NYC subway represents a confined and potentially chaotic environment. The deranged gunman symbolizes a threat or danger in your life that feels overwhelming and unpredictable. The passengers with their hands up and watching his every move represents your awareness of the fear and uncertainty that this threat creates. Choosing not to look the gunman in the eyes and instead focusing on everyone else's fear suggests that you may be avoiding facing the source of your fear directly. This could indicate a tendency to avoid confrontation or difficult situations, preferring to observe and analyze from a distance. The tense situation with the police torn between following orders or taking down the troublemaker could symbolize the conflicting inner thoughts or external influences you may be experiencing in dealing with the threat. This suggests an internal struggle between passivity and action. The flashbacks in the dream, not knowing if the scene ended or was on repeat, may indicate a feeling of being trapped or stuck in a recurring pattern or unresolved issue in your life. It could imply a sense of being unable to move forward or find a solution to the problem at hand. Approaching the police at their dispatch station but not being able to physically describe the suspect reflects a sense of frustration and powerlessness. It could suggest that you feel unheard or unsupported in dealing with this threat or difficulty. The reunion with a high school classmate and the kind, reassuring words you received represent a brief moment of support and comfort amidst the chaos and fear. This could symbolize the importance of emotional support from others during challenging times, as well as the need for reassurance and encouragement. Overall, this dream indicates feelings of fear and helplessness in the face of a threatening and chaotic situation. It suggests a need to address and confront these feelings directly, seek support from others, and find a way to break free from any recurring patterns that may be holding you back.