Daddy Issues [8/17/19]

Date: 8/17/2019

By BlueMoon

Parts of this dream don’t really make sense, but it’s not like that’s uncommon... So here we go! This dream was centered around a “friend” of mine. I actually don’t know any of the dream people in real life, but apparently we were all good buddies. There was maybe 10, 15 of us. We were at the friend’s house (let’s call him... Tyler - he wasn’t named in the dream). The building was secluded in the middle of a huge, dense forest. Tyler lived there with his father, who he always said was crazy. Apparently Tyler thought his father murdered his mother. Well, really, Tyler’s father lived in the house. Tyler got a small little cabin off to the side a-ways. Whenever we came over, we always kept to the cabin. Tyler’s father started acting crazy and violent. So while he was back at the main house, we decided to run away. The group of us took off into the forest, and when Tyler’s father returned, he was LIVID. He grabbed a gun and chased after us. We were all running back in the direction of a known town, and somebody called 9-1-1 along the way. Tyler’s father caught up to one girl and was literally about five shoot her (why are my dreams always violent or weird? I swear I’m not a psychopath) but another kid stopped him with distraction until she could get away. But as we’re running, he shoots me in the leg and gets another boy three times. I think he may have gotten a couple more kids too. Eventually we reach a highway and the police are already there. They surround him, handcuff him, and then time skips. When the dream continues, I’ve already recovered a lot from the bullet wound in my leg. The group of kids are just kind of messing around when I join them, and everyone’s happy to see me. I’m happy too, but I’m worried about Tyler’s father. Woken up.