the weirdest birthday party ever

Date: 5/22/2019

By savannahdee14

in this dream, i don’t remember everything. i remember being at my friends house. it was different than the way this house regularly look led. but i had a sense that i was at that friends house. for some reason, they were throwing a birthday party for someone else. in this dream, my friends had a pool at their house. i went and changed into my swimsuit. when i cm out of the bathroom and into he living room, my friend told me that my bathing suit was too short and her dad wouldn’t approve of me wearing it because he cares about which is creepy but whatever. eventually, we went out to the pool. the weird thing is i fell into the pool. after i fell in, i lost all control of my body. i got stuck underwater for a moment but it wasn’t a choking feeling. i was slightly alarmed but also somewhat calm. eventually, i was at surface level in the water. at this point, i saw my friend and her “boyfriend.” the weird thing about this “boyfriend” is i used to like him irl but now i like his brother. theres some awkward feelings there. anyways, in the dream, the boy was telling my friend that they should go to the hot tub. i was annoyed so i teased them a little bit without getting too mean. after that, all we did was eat. then, i remember my mom driving me back and complaining about something. i remember a few things before that, but it’s very distant and blurry.