zombie apocalypse

Date: 2/19/2019

By ardipithecus

i was with my family on my birthday spending time with them and celebrating the occasion. it was all fun and games until a zombie breakout started. we were out and ended up running into a movie theater. there were hundreds of zombies charging at us. we pushed them back as we tried to open the door. eventually we ran into a room like looked like a supply room. there were three children in there hiding still alive. my family stopped in there to catch our breath. a zombie got in and we made it bite its own arm and then taped it shut so it couldnt bite us. then we used its guts to cover the glass windows so zombies couldnt see us inside. unfortunately there was a swing door and zombies started going through there so we had to run again. im not sure where we were at this point. some sort of safe house because there were many survivors trying to pass through. my family was split up because there was so many people it was chaos. i tried to fall back and wait for my younger siblings. i found them and we ran up to one of the rooms (like we were in a hotel now) but we didnt have a key. so we ran into the bathroom instead. i guess there was a big open window where 2 zombies saw us and started coming in. i grabbed one and ripped its head open and started putting the guts on me to hide from the rest of them. it worked well even tho they looked at me funny. at least they didnt attack. i had a feeling they were starting to notice so i signaled at my family for us to go to the next spot. we all gathered at the ledge and then i woke up.