Date: 4/11/2019

By xCaligo

the first part of this dream I was in this hotel room with my cousin chip and all his weird homeschool/church friends. While unpacking I screwed up something and said “shit” kind of under my breath. One of his friends got super upset and charles gave me a dirty look and I said I was sorry, I’ve kind of built a habit of it over the past year or so. I end up needing to go to the hospital for some reason and they give me an IV in my left forearm and then discharge me keeping the needle, attached to this short bit of hose still in my arm. I walk out and tristen and eli both have one in too and we walk down this mostly desserted street back to the hotel. While we are walking, I’m trying to keep the needle from falling out, or piercing back out of my skin. I can tollerate needles but I don’t really like them. The ends of the hoses are tipped with a 3.5 mm jack like in the music video for raptor, by zomboy. I tap my jack against tristens, still not sure why, or why I had them in in the first place. We pass this group of what look to be gangsters or cultists or something and the three of us just take off running. I finally pull out my IV. Im surprised that there isnt really any blood. Thats where the dream ends but right before I dreamed this I wrapped my wrist in an ace bandage to try stabalize from the night before where I either fractured or sprained it.